In the first of the series, we review our favourite bits of travel gear from each trip.

Osprey Waypoint 80

One of my most important bits of kit when travelling is the backpack. Backpacks have come a long way in recent years and I now prefer backpacks that are some way between a rucksack and suitcase. They’re not as cumbersome as suitcase but do allow top entry, unlike a rucksack. My backpack of choice for the Cambodia trip was the Osprey Waypoint 80.

Osprey Waypoint 80

This is a large 80L backpack, with detachable day pack. Both packs loaded together can be quite heavy but the adjustable straps and suspension system distribute the load amazingly and wearing the pack is super comfortable. The straps can be zipped away for flights by a hidden cover. You wouldn’t do long hikes with the Waypoint 80 but for our trip around Cambodia, it was perfect.

I put the backpack through everything Cambodia had to offer, from bustling cities to sandy beaches. The fabric is hard wearing and will no doubt stand the test of time.

The day pack isn’t big, enough to hold a bottle of water, and item of clothing and a camera for example but I like how sturdy it is, with a built in pocket for an iPad or laptop. Anything precious like a camera or iPad is well protected by the day pack.

Spivo Rotating Selfie Stick

The selfie stick has become a must have piece of equipment for many travellers to get interesting pictures of themselves in shot with their surroundings. We wanted one that did a little more than the simple point and shoot and came across the Spivo Stick.

Spivo Stick Review
Spivo stick in use

The Spivo Stick is an action camera pole that can spin your camera around 180 degrees with the push of a button. This means very quickly you can go from selfie, to showing the viewer what you’re looking at. This is great for shooting videos.

The Spivo Stick is compatible with any action camera, regular camera, or smart phone using a standard tripod screw. We used it with a Pentax WG-M2 action camera.  It’s similar in weight to a Go Pro and handled it fine.

Spivo Sticks comes in three different lengths depending on your preference, allowing you to capture close ups to long cinematic shots. There’s an ergonomic grip that allows you to easily press the button no matter whether your hands are wet or wearing gloves. Perfect for underwater shooting.

The Spivo stick is currently on sale on Spivo’s website for 49$.

Berghaus Women’s Ridgeway 60+10 Rucksack

Lucy’s choice of rucksack for the Cambodia trip was the Ridgeway 60+10. This rucksack is aimed at the female traveller.

Women's Berghaus Ridgeway 60+10 Rucksack Review
Berghaus Ridgeway 60+10 Rucksack

Berghaus asked walkers in Scotland how they could improve their rucksacks and inspired this new rucksack. The bag is 60L with an additional 10L in the top pocket and compressible side pockets if needed.  Lucy felt the 60L was more than enough though and using the extra 10L might be a bit much for long trips.

The Ridgeway is designed to fit the average woman. The back system works by lengthening or shortening straps to raise or lower the padded back. The hip strap and padding stays put while the shoulder straps and cushioned back can be moved to suit your height. You can even adjust the back system while the pack is on your back. The curved hip straps provide comfortable cushioning around the waist.

There’s two entry points to the rucksack; from the top, through a drawstring system and from the front base of the rucksack via a large zip. There’s also an internal sleeve style pocket to the back of the pack, which would be good for storing maps, documents and iPad etc.

The rucksack fabric is very durable and robust.  It’s also water repellent. For heavier rainfall, there’s a useful integrated rain cover tin the base of the rucksack.  All in all a great rucksack!


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