Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities (and that’s not just because of its legalisation policies!), one reason is because they really encourage cycling as the main form of transport, and there are just as many cycle lanes as there are roads and pedestrian pavements. It makes it such an easier and more fun way to get around the city and see more of the sites. Check out our blog posts on things to do in Amsterdam. 

While we were there we stayed in some awesome hotels that were really reasonably priced but modern, trendy and quirky at the same time. Here’s our list of the some of the best places to stay in this wonderful city:

Accommodation in Amsterdam

  1. Citizen M – This is a really quirky and trendy hotel chain with hotels in London, New York and Paris. It’s about a 5-minute walk from Amsterdam Zuid train station, so is easily accessible. They pride themselves on their modern approach to hoteling and don’t have a normal reception area with staff to check you in, but an automated self-check in computer service, which makes it very quick and easy on arrival (there was also a friendly staff member around to guide you through the system if you get a bit confused). Each room at citizen M Amsterdam has wall-to-wall windows and an extra-large bed with luxurious linen. They have IPad minis so guests can modify everything from the room colour, climate control, control the smart-tv (with hundreds of free movies to watch) and also adapt the blinds and black-out curtains. Guest can also bring and connect their own device. The bathroom facilities consist of a quirky transparent pod with a rain shower in the room.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

They have a great breakfast buffet and food available virtually 24hrs a day. You can also get a free cocktail on arrival if you are a citizen m member (which costs nothing you just have to sign up). We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and hope to  check out the other hotels in the chain.

Price per night £79-£186

  1. Volks hotel – This hotel is located in the east district of the city and has a metro station right next door to it, otherwise it’s about a 15mins cycle ride into the main tourist town area, you can hire bikes from the hotel. This hotel had a great feel to it. Downstairs has a very trendy vibe and is a community hub where lots of entrepreneurial types hang out drinking coffee and working from their laptops or rent out the kitsch designed meeting rooms. The actual hotel rooms have a minimalistic/warehouse type feel to them with separate toilet and shower room. Its upstairs though where the real magic happens. On the roof terrace are 3 well-appointed hot tubs of varying temperature, one which is a bit hidden around a corner with fantastic panoramic views over the city. There is also a nice sauna and bucket on a pull rope as an alternative version of a plunge pool where you can pour really cold water over you when it gets too much in the sauna.

Accommodation in AmsterdamAccommodation in Amsterdam

We were up here in our favourite hot tub about 3 times a day! Basically, as often as we could – such a great way to wake up in the morning, chill out in the day, and relax before bed (with a cocktail).

The breakfast buffet was also really delicious as was all of the food coming out of both the café downstairs and the restaurant upstairs. Well worth a visit and/or stay.

Price per night £52-£153

  1. Crane Hotel – We didn’t get to stay in this one this time around, but hope to next time. Here’s what they say about this unique hotel:

Accommodation in Amsterdam

Those with a head for heights should certainly consider staying a night in this one-of-a-kind hotel located at Amsterdam’s NDSM Wharf. A lasting icon of Amsterdam’s industrial shipbuilding heritage, this exclusive hotel is situated atop a monumental harbour crane beside the River IJ! With three luxury suites overlooking not only the river but offering a fantastic panoramic view of Amsterdam’s city centre, the Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel has become one of the world’s most publicised hotel experiences. And at the crane’s highest point you’ll discover the Faralda Spa, where guests can enjoy both the Jacuzzi and city vista!” – from

  1. Amstel Botel – The Amstel Botel is docked at the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam Noord, at the NDSM-Pier 3. This colourful and vital dockside area now houses workshops and artists’ studios, with hip cafés and restaurants, exhibitions and performances.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

Nothing is more unusual than sleeping in a floating hotel. The Botel has 175 rooms in three different categories. When you make your reservation, you can let them know whether you’d prefer a land or water view. Be warned: sea legs are a must!

  1. Art’otel Amsterdam – This a unique concept hotel where contemporary art meets comfy hotel accommodation. This is a modernised, boutique-style hotel, art’otel amsterdam leads a new generation of art’otels by providing appealing amenities and convenient services such as free Wi-Fi and a heated indoor pool. Artwork from the Atelier Van Lieshoutarts collective infuses the entire property, a stunning art curtain displays emotive footage and an art gallery hosts a varied programme of exhibitions. art’otel amsterdam seamlessly fuses art with convenience to form an enriching experience, not simply a hotel stay.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

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